Free responsive websites for small businesses

WebCreator editor

Easily change the design and layout of your website, with our super simple WebCreator editor

Mobile Responsive

Your website is responsive - so it will look beautiful on all devices - mobile, tablet and desktop

FREE domain

Choose the name of your site and that becomes your domain name - It's as simple as that...

Easy To Use

A step by step tutorial and easy tutorial videos - you'll have your website built in no time

Loads of features

Google maps, Contact forms, Photo galleries, Slideshows, Social media buttons, YouTube videos, Google analytics - just click to add

Instant Updates

Free hosting on our cloud based servers - edit and update your website from anywhere

Your business

You don't want to be wasting loads of time sorting out your website and making sure it looks good. You want a simple editor so you can have a live website in minutes. You got it...


Your website

A good website showcases your business.
It can also be a valuable source of extra income for you, and useful source of information for your customers


Our Philosophy

We know first hand how tight money can be for small businesses. We aim to make high quality digital marketing available for FREE - so you can spend your money on more important things.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you afford to make everything free?

We have set everything up with generous donations from a handful of individuals who want to see small businesses prosper. In the future, we may look for more donations to keep bringing on the latest technology.

What about online shops?

We are committed to adding many new features and extras over the coming months. Tell all your friends and get them to create a website. The more you build, the more it will encourage us to add extra features

Can I have emails linked to my website?

At the moment we have set up the editor so as you get contact from your customers via contact forms. We may add email accounts in the future. If you would like this feature - let us know

What Others Are Saying

I cannot believe how easy OLW was to use. I had my website up and running in about half an hour - and I had have no real experience in using any sort of websites before. I have trouble using the remote control normally.

And Snee, Manchester UK

I have tried lots of different web editors - some good, some bad.

The one thing they all do though is tempt you in with cheap offers, and then put the price up. Not here though - everything is free. No annoying 'credit card details required'. Just name your website and you're off!

Alison Dennett, San Diego

Create your own beautiful website in a matter of minutes

What are you waiting for? Now there really is no reason to not set up that website you've been thinking about doing for ages. 

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